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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

The loos, now, please.


"Oh God, the madness of that night. The heat, the sweat, the infusions…and then I saw it crawl towards me and I…" "You ran away.”  ”What?”  ”You abandoned me.” ”It speaks!”  “Yes, Frankenstein. It speaks.”


Good lord martin is such an impeccable actor every person who calls him an Everyman dismissively is a moron because what he does is make real, breathing, deep, layered Everymen that are not Everymen at all but unique individuals he doesn’t play characters he plays humans and that is a fucking art do not even talk to me about Martin’s acting he’s a fucking master


Jesus you have Hollywood movie star hair jesus f christ

aaaw thanks ❤ my hair is my only pride

I know you’re an army doctor and you’ve been invalided home from Afghanistan. I know you’ve got a brother who’s worried about you, but you won’t go to him for help because you don’t approve of him—possibly because he’s an alcoholic, more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic, quite correctly I’m afraid. That’s enough to be going on with, don’t you think?

I can stop John Watson too. Stop his heart.


Oh, dammit all to hell…

the empty hearse



Benedict Cumberbatch and the tongue thing sorry not sorry


thank you benedictervention for finding the 9th one

thank you bookloverevealed for finding the 10th one

NEVER apologise for the tongue things.

going to skeleton war with this badass coat


Benedict Cumberbatch attending the Toronto Film Festival 2014 [x]

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aka, give the man an oscar already »
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